Conversation with the Captain

ESS Aurora, this is your captain speaking. Authorization code: Charlie Victor Victor Alpha. I am ordering the survivors of the attack to lower the stealth screen.”

“Open channel…Captain. This is Lieutenant Julie Mitchell sir. I am afraid that I cannot follow that order for fear you are being forced under duress to revile the location of the ship.”

“Ah Lieutenant, I am please to see you survived the attack. Lower the stealth screen so we can shuttle over.”

“We sir?”

“I was able to get most of the senior staff out before the we were overrun at the gala. We are eager to return home.”

“Sir, I do not understand. Why did you leave rather than return to the ship?”

“Simple tactics. When we saw that the dock was under attack, we new that we would need assistance. I was able to convince the Chinese to lend their aid to rescue the colony. I am sorry that we were unable to return in time to prevent its destruction.”

“You still have not explained why you would abandon your crew sir. Without the intervention of Commander Parkins and his Argonauts, we would not be speaking right now.”

“I am losing my patience Lieutenant. I have given you a direct order. Stand down now!”

The First Officer speaks up, “Captain, it is clear the Lieutenant can tell you are lying. She is stalling for time. We need to scramble our fighters and find the ship with a visual inspection. We will be ready for them to attack. Good bye Lieutenant.”

End Transmission***

Conversation with the Captain

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