A Brief History

The year is After Colony 168. 12 years ago marks the stop to the greatest and most devastating conflict humanity has ever known. I say stop because the war did not end. Though all the reasons are not fully understood, after M-005 both sides simply left the battle field. M-005 was not the only colony to be involved, it held a different distinction. It was the only colony to be involuntarily chosen as a battleground and the only colony to suffer catatonic structural failure causing the innocent residents to die in the emptiness of space. There were many atrocities and deaths during the fighting but the genocide caused by the deaths of over 20,000 men, women, and children seems to have shocked the soldiers of both sides into armistice. To understand the events that led to the destruction of M-005; the key players must be understood: The Earth Sphere Coalition, the colonists, and the Martians.

The Earth Sphere Alliance, the extraterrestrial military branch of the UN, has long felt that they are the center of the “Sol Empire” believing strongly in the bonds of the home world. That bond is something all men share, or rather they believe all men share. The colonists, men and women that were seeking a new challenge in life; leaving behind all they know for a hard life in the frontier of space. Then there are the inhabitants of Mars, called Martians in all diplomatic meetings…Augments as they were referred to by common people; however among themselves, behind closed doors, they simply referred to each other as…better.

Many years ago, a group of radical scientists grew tired of the restrictions placed upon them and their research. They believed that so called “ethical codes” were standing in the way of progress. They began looking for a specific type of benefactor that would fund their plan to begin studying pure science. They would find the necessary support from a secret society called the Children of Gaia. Truthfully they were little more than a group of wealthy individuals that find their lives meaning in manipulating others but was founded on the idea of unlocking their latent human potential. The match was perfect.

Focusing all their energies in developing a way to leave the constraints of Earth, they developed the first engine that made it feasible to transport a large group of individuals and equipment to the Red planet. What should have been a great triumph to bring people together instead would set the stage for the relations for years to come. The scientists took their technology and left.

As Earth scrambled to catch up with their antiquated space programs, the Martians began their questionable work. Imagine what you can discover if you are able to test your theories in any way possible. To understand why the Martians grew so quickly, you have to understand that this is what they believed and how they recruited. Over the years as Earths scientists grew fewer and fewer, the Martians grew stronger and bolder.

Finally, when the nations of the Earth pooled all their resources together, Orbit 1 was established, a true space elevator. Together with the space stations, Earth had a staging point to collect workers and resources to an area where their inferior engines would be enough to begin their own colonies. Colonies that would begin as research stations in deep space, power plants, farms, and mining colonies. The construction of the X-001 space station heralded a new chapter in Human achievement. Primarily designed to collect solar radiation for earths new power generation needs; it would be the first in a new age. Not only was there a self-sustaining space colony, but it is large enough to house the workers families. This quickly created a city with its own thriving economy. By AC 03 there were many similar stations being constructed as well as mining colonies being established on isolated asteroids and research stations. Even before new stations were completed they already had a full complement of personnel and a new station was planned. The beginning of the second decade marked the founding of R-012, colony number 50 stretching among the inner solar system.

The Martians did not sit idly during Earths expansion. Freed from “moral” constraints, with a large group of willing test subjects in the Children of Gaia, the scientists set out to make something better than human…something beyond human. They continued to recruit and bring people to their home. Those left on Earth began to grow more anxious as they heard less and less from friends and families living on the Red planet.

AC 150, it was time to reunite with the Martians and reap the benefits of the technology developed. From among the nations of the UN, a delegation was selected to go visit Mars and bring word to families. The grandest of all the newly developed space cruisers, the Prometheus, was prepared for the trip. As the ship neared its destination, a message was received advising them to turn back, Earthlings were not welcome. The Prometheus entered the Mars atmosphere explaining that they had families to deliver and good tidings to share. They would not get that chance. The transmission was cut short as bursts of energy vaporized the cruiser.

Mars’s forces were powerful. Mars believed the fighting would be short and they would overwhelm Earth with superior intellect and technology. Mars however had not counted on the raw manpower and resources of Earth. With access to resources throughout the inner solar system, the fighting would quickly reach a stalemate. After 6 years of fighting, M-005 was destroyed. With neither side taking responsibility for the event an uneasy peace has settled between the two planets.

It would be Earth that would change the face of war forever.

A Brief History

ESS Aurora RussellJohnston