Welcome to the future!

To start things off, I will explain we are again using d20 Modern, except IIIIIN SPAAAAAACE!

For our first meeting we will work on characters and backstories. This one will be even more flexible because everyone will know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. This means the group can discuss between themselves how they want to build their character so we do not run into an issue of only one person able to spot. To get you started, here are a couple of things you know:
• You are all orphans from the first war. Uncle Joe is your foster dad; he takes care of everyone in his home on M-015 a mining colony on the outer rim of colonized space.
• Uncle Joe will only tell you about who your parents were. He refuses to talk about the war or how your parents died because he insists that is not as important as how they lived.
• Everyone’s age will range from 13 to 15. Starting occupation is limited to Student.
• The group has combat skills because you are semi-finalists in this year’s Jr. VG Tournament. VG (Virtual Gladiator) is a very popular sport played in the off season of Football X-7.

ESS Aurora

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